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Old 12-27-2007, 01:29 PM
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Default phpR1::Changelog

[h2]v1.0.8a - January 27, 2009[/h2]
  • [FIX]Reset MySQL back to serverdefault after using phpBB3 integration. This will fix the UTF-8 problems when trying to add data to the database.
  • [FIX]Fixed javascript generation when races and classes aren't sorted or in sequence.
  • [FIX]Fixed the problem with the phpBB2 integration. Seems phpRaider and phpBB2 had the same data object.
  • [FIX]Rewrote calendar code, so it doesn't need the PHP calendar functions anymore.
[h2]v1.0.8 - January 12, 2009[/h2]
  • [NEW]Basic vBulletin authentication backported from 1.1.0.
  • [NEW]Basic Joomla 1.0.x authentication backported from 1.1.0.
  • [NEW]Added a check to make sure it's not possible to confirm more people than raid max.
  • [NEW]Added a check to make sure people can't confirm themselves if the role they're rigned up with is full. This can however be overridden by officers.
  • [NEW]When creating a new raid, minimum level, maximum level and max raiders are filled in with the default values from the configuration.
  • [FIX]Two typos in the stylesheet.
  • [NEW]DB object now uses fully qualified tablenames.
  • [NEW]Otimized the queries for the raid view page so fewer queries are needed.
  • [FIX]Fixed the check for latest version so configuration doesn't say you have the latest version when it's unable to determine latest version.
  • [CHANGE]Changed the "Auto queue signups" text in the configuration to "Disallow signup as Confirmed" as people thought that was better.
  • [SECURITY]Fixed potential SQL injection in the login function if using phpRaider authentication.
  • [SECURITY]Fixed potential SQL injection in the delete functions of the modules.
  • [NEW]Added check for the value of Register Global in the installer.
  • [FIX]Added nummeric check for attributes and raid limits.
  • [SECURITY]Removed the code to extract all HTTP GET variables. Only option, task and id are automatically extracted. All modules are responsible for the rest of the needed variables themselves. WARNING: This might break 3rd party modules.
  • [FIX]The plugin loader only loads plugins from the plugin directory now.
  • [NEW]Replaced the 3rd party calendar component with new phpRaider code.
[h2]v1.0.7b - May 29, 2008[/h2]
  • [SECURITY]Disabled direct access to the auth methods.
  • [FIX]Added utf8_decode on all data extracted from phpBB3.
  • [FIX]Fixed corrupt SQL when backing up multiple tables at the same time.
  • [NEW]Added check for MySQL version >= 4.1 in the installer.
  • [FIX]Updated documentation to show that MySQL 4.1 is needed.
  • [FIX]Registration in French localization.
  • [FIX]Raid owner gets the right 'edit_subscriptions_any' on own raids.
[h2]v1.0.7a - April 21, 2008[/h2]
  • [FIX]Fixed nesting of canceled signups.
  • [FIX]Edit Own Raids made it possible to take over other people's raids.
  • [FIX]View members permission security issue.
  • [FIX]Properly filtering user input for safety.
  • [FIX]removed the escaping from the ajax tooltips.
  • [NEW]Added check to see if session.save_path is configured and if the path is writeable to the installer.
  • [NEW]Added option to write a comment from the signup form.
  • [FIX]The mythical com_users added. Same functionality as the old phpRaid one.
  • [FIX]Switched from LIKE to = when checking if a user allready exist during registration.
  • [FIX]Fixed for 'template' variable beeing emptied when submitting a raid using a raid template.
  • [NEW]Added redirect support to the signup form.
  • [CHANGE]Added redirect back to raidview if signing up from the raidview.
  • [FIX]Fixed problem with resubmitting a raid after validation fail.
  • [CHANGE]Rights changes. Rights should now do what the help text tell you it does.
  • [CHANGE]Changed most text from Available to Approve(d) which is what they actually are. People in the queue are available for the raid.
  • [FIX]Fixed the "allready defined SMF" error.
  • [FIX]Hopefully fixes so that bots won't register on phpRaider when using phpBB3 auth module.
  • [FIX]Fixed raids no showing up on the calendat last day of the month.
  • [NEW]Added optional parameter $pConfig['db_newlink'] to instancing the db object as a new link.
  • [CHANGE]Updated french language by Ulushyu.
  • [NEW]Added support for the option 'enable_tiny' to turn on and off javascript editor. Default is on. Just add $pConfig['enable_tiny']=0; to your configuration.php to turn it off.
  • [CHANGE]Added support for plural translations. If $pLang['item_plural'] exist, use that, if not the old way with $pLanf['item'].$pLang['plural'].
  • [FIX]Lots of variable warning fixes.
  • [FIX]Fixed the role font color output.
  • [FIX]Calendar not going back to current month when signing up for a raid in another month.
[h2]v1.0.7 - October 12, 2007[/h2]
  • [FIX] plural on the timediff
  • [CHANGE] Added Default '0' for use_icon and use_name columns in the raid table to fix problems with MySQL server setup in strict mode.
  • [Fix] RSS feeds generated are now valid RSS 2.0 feeds. Dates may still be wrong on some php versions.
  • [Fix] Removed debug info.
  • [Fix] Ticket
  • [Fix] the '_NOHTML_' warning.
  • [Fix] the join in the query to use configured prefix.
  • [UPD] TinyMCE to latest version (2.1.2) from
  • [Fix] the query, so the count of users in the groups are now correct.
  • [CHANGE] some smf auth cleanups
  • [Fix] attName_error, attMin_error, attMax_error and _TEMPLATE_ not defined.
  • [CHANGE] Character comment popup in raid details page only available to the character owner, as the rest of the code checks.
  • [NEW] It's now possible to exclude one or more roles from signing up by not entering a value in the limit field.
  • [CHANGE] Changed the SQL so we fill in default values for new attribues that's missing data on a character.
  • [FIX] the error where newly created attributes isn't editable on existing characters.
  • [FIX] for ticket
  • [FIX] the password reset problem with lost password.
  • [FIX] the error where you can't change roles if roles aren't defined in the raid_template (older templates than 1.0.3) or if a raid was created without role limits.
  • [FIX] Report view
  • [NEW] Added code to check if start_time and invite_time still is in the raid_templates table, and remove them if they are.
  • [FIX] Removed start_time and invite_time from the raid_templates table.
  • [FIX] warning for $remote when the phpraider site isn't available.
  • [CHANGE] Renamed $timezone variable to $timezoneOption, so that we don't overwrite $_SESSIONtimezone? when php is configured with register_globals = On
  • [CHANGE] $_SESSIONemail? changed to $_SESSIONuser_email? so it's the same as everywhere else.
  • [CHANGE] Small tweak to the join query.
  • [NEW] Added configuration option to swich between sunday and monday as first day of the week.
  • [CHANGE] Database changes for announcements
  • [CHANGE] Changed the sorting to use SQL sort and updated to new database changes
  • [FIX] a minor cosmetic bug with formatText()"
  • [CHANGE] Updated announcements.php to include database changes"
  • [FIX] Added missing SQL files for 1.0.5 and 1.0.6
  • [NEW] Added type="text/javascript" for the javascript declaration to be compatible with the html standards.
  • [FIX] missing end tag for the submit input in the roleselect popup.
[h2]v1.0.6 - September 09, 2007[/h2]
  • [FIX] Fixed anonymous access (anonymous users will be able to view raids)
  • [FIX] Added signup icon information when viewing a raid
  • [FIX] Removed unnecessary ID check when viewing a raid
  • [FIX] Fix for raid time/date display discrepencies
  • [FIX] Added generErrorHeader and raIconError localizations
  • [FIX] Changed the printError function to include a generic error header and added a line break () after output
  • [FIX] Fix for AJAX tooltips not caching data (Subxero)
  • [FIX] Added error output if game directory does not exist but is saved in database
  • [FIX] Fix for previous months not showing correctly on calendar
  • [FIX] Fix for pagination when viewing members, see
  • [FIX] Added $pLangmonth? to the translation, to get rid of the warnings from (BoaConstrictor)
  • [FIX] Fix for division by zero error in view.php line 60, see
  • [FIX] Changed deletion permission check logic.
  • [FIX] When deleting a character signups weren't being removed.
  • [FIX] Fix for CheckOwn? function not returning proper ProfileID in rare cases
  • [FIX] Fix for php warning messages (multiple). (BoaConstrictor)
  • [FIX] Fix for not able to create a raid when using phpbb3 as authentication. (BoaConstrictor)
  • [FIX] Added blank SQL files for 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 for usage when upgrading.
[h2]v1.0.3 - August 28, 2007[/h2]
  • [SECURITY] Made a change to phpBB2 and phpBB3 when determining if a profile exists
  • [NEW] AJAX tooltips on definitons page to show class/race restrictions
  • [NEW] Added AJAX tooltips on frontpage to GREATLY reduce queries and still display loads of information
  • [NEW] Detect zip support on the server and give manual instructions for game installation if not enabled. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [NEW] Added a VERY BETA SMF authentication. An alternative by Korpus is available on the forums (Do not ask for support on this, yet).
  • [NEW] Having acquired a bit more SQL knowledge the raid page has had an overhaul and is more efficient
  • [NEW] Templates now recall role limits
  • [FIX] Fix for history showing created raids rather than ones signed up for (Subxero)
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with profile.php not checking the current password vs stored password when making changes
  • [FIX] Multiple signup bugs were squashed.
  • [FIX] Fixed a DB query when creating a new template
  • [FIX] Zip files doesn't work with PHP v<5.0. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Blank timestams gives error messages in a windows environment. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Default URL set to 'http://localhost/phpraider' by the installer. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Persistent DB setting not saved when not choosen. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Setup saves "weird" variables if session variable was allready filled before installation stated. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Multiclasses doesn't work with roster. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Choosing template doesn't stick in configuration. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] phpbb2 auth working when register_globals is on. (Boa Constrictor/wenahs/Agamennon)
  • [FIX] Div installation cleanups. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Class select javascript error if definitions isn't ordered in the database. (Boa Constrictor/Seether)
  • [FIX] Guild and sex not remembered when editing a character (Subxero/Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Really fixed the class select javascript error if definitions isn't ordered in the database. (Boa Constrictor/Seether)
  • [FIX] Fix for 'SELECT profile_id FROM phpraider_raid WHERE raid_id=' (Iluvatar/Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Changing roles only affects the first person of that role, not the selected person (Felkin)
  • [FIX] Autoqueue fix when autoqueue wasn't selected and removed the 'approved' signup option if autoqueue was selected and user doesn't have admin rights for the raid. (Iluvatar/Subxero/Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Character class gets wrong on signup. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Warning for uninitialized $_POST[comment] in signup.php. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Division by zero fix for the raid details page for when the seconds reaces 0 and when someone set up a raid without limits. (Boa Constrictor/Ragowit)
  • [FIX] Corrected count in the tooltip on the frontpage. (Subxero/Boa Constrictor)
  • [FIX] Removed some joins that was not needed from the queries on the frontpage. (Boa Constrictor)
  • [CHANGE] Configuration updates now use REPLACE INTO. (Boa, modified by me)

Last edited by BoaConstrictor; 01-27-2009 at 07:57 AM.
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Old 05-03-2010, 11:35 AM
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Default phpRaider 1.0.9 May, 3 2010

[h2]v1.0.9 - May 3, 2010[/h2]
  • [NEW]Joomla 1.5 authentication support.
  • [NEW]Added jQuery to phpRaider.
  • [NEW]Added option for raid admins to signup other people (if your template supports it).
  • [NEW]When a raid is expired, it will no longer be possible change signups.
  • [NEW]Added warning when removing a signup.
  • [FIX]Removed the warnings when creating new attributes and a game wasn't configured.
  • [FIX]Hopefully fixed the raid not showing at the start/end of the month.</li>
  • [CHANGE]If a raid is frozen, then it will no longer be possible for normal users to change their signup.
  • [CHANGE]The change role icon also makes it possible to change character.
  • [CHANGE]Updated Smarty to latest version.
  • [CHANGE]Updated TinyMCE to 3.3.2 (jQuery version).
  • [CHANGE]Removed the 3rd party popup calendar and replaced it with jQueryUI Datepicker with a custom phpRaider template.
  • [FIX]Shouldn't complain about column "PHPSESSIONID" anymore.
  • [FIX]Better error checking when uploading game.
  • [NEW]Added support to load language file pr. component (language/componentname_language.php).
  • [CHANGE]Raidtemplates can contain start and invite time.
  • [CHANGE]Changed the value in the raid view for toal to be confirmed + available and changed the english text to "Total available".
  • [FIX]SQL generated by the backup routine is now properly escaped, so it can be run directly in MySQL
  • [CHANGE]Backported Min and Max level checking for adding characters.
  • [CHANGE]Backported range check for "Raider limit", "Minimum level" and "Maximum level" if the limits are defined in the configuration.
  • [CHANGE]Removed unused database fields: gender_icon and permission_id
  • [FIX]phpRaider should not jump out of an IFrame when selecting raid template.
  • [FIX]phpRaider will now set expired correctly when editing a raid
  • [FIX]Hopefully fixed the table closing for the "Not Available" list in raid view.
  • [FIX]isExpired didn't return the result.
  • [FIX]phpRaider is now compatibile with MySQL 5.x in strict mode.
  • [FIX]Fix for SMF 1.1.x escaping $_POST when magic_quotes are off.
  • [FIX]Added code to strip slashes from the result data if magic_quotes_runtime is set to true.
  • [FIX]Fixed warnings when running phpRaider with php 5.3
  • [FIX]Backported fix for CURL problems with php >= 5.2.10
  • [FIX]Changed the RSS builder to use htmlspecialchars and utf8_encode instead of htmlentities. The feed is also marked as UTF-8 when it's sent.
  • [FIX]phpRaider will now URL encode to the class names, attribute names and race names when generating image URLs.
  • [FIX]Added database name escaping to fix illegal database names in the queries.
  • [FIX]Fixed the foreach warning if user have defined no roles for the raid, however no chars will be shown if there are no roles defined.
  • [FIX]Fixed debug information not shown.
  • [FIX]Corrected database class name in help.php.
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Old 05-27-2010, 07:56 AM
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[h2]v1.0.10 - May 27, 2010[/h2]
  • [NEW]Added option to show SQL execution plans if phpRaider is in debug mode and the setting '$pConfig['db_show_plan']=1;' is added to the configuration.php file.
  • [FIX]SMF authentication didn't work with new users.
  • [FIX]phpRaider shouldn't give you a database error anymore when creating or editing a character without a guild.
  • [FIX]Added the missing signed-up by comment.
  • [FIX]Removed a warning from com_characters.
  • [FIX]More php 5.3 warning fixes.
  • [FIX]phpRaider shouldn't give you SQL error in com_view if you have configured your game with Multi Classes.
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